Celebrating 10 years spotit

Spotit Inspire

3 September 2024 | Salons de Romree Grimbergen

Shaping the future of cybersecurity & networking

In today's digital world, cybersecurity and networking are crucial. At Spotit Inspire, we bring together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to delve into the latest trends, challenges, and solutions shaping the cybersecurity and networking landscape. 

Enjoy inspiring sessions and thought-provoking discussions. Get insights, make connections, and level up your IT strategy. Join us to stay ahead of the game!

What can you expect?


Inspiring sessions

Mix & match your agenda with inspiring presentations, hands-on demos or fruitful talks with technology experts.


Special act

Enjoy a performance by stand-up comedian Hans Cools, brought to you from our spotit roots in West-Flanders.


Celebration party

End the night with an unforgettable networking experience and celebrate 10 years spotit with us.

5 reasons why you should attend

1. Gain exclusive insights from key-note speakers working at Cisco and Palo Alto Networks

2. Get up to speed with the latest trends in cybersecurity & networking

3. Meet professionals, industry leaders, and peers

4. Get first-hand experience and knowledge from real-life customer cases

5. Take a front-row seat at Hans Cool's special act and be ready for some serious laughing :-)

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We guarantee inspiring takeaways for all attendees, whether you're a board member, CIO, ICT manager or a technical IT expert. 

Take a sneak peek at what we have in store for you:

Hacking the unhackable: a glimpse into an internal Red Team of Spotit

Join us on an unforgettable journey with spotit's Red Team. Watch how we hacked spotit during a red team exercise using spear phishing targeting an employee using a fake Microsoft Teams invite. Check out how we phished our own SOC using internal phishing! Excited yet? Join our hacking experience - chills guaranteed.

How regulations will affect your network & security strategy: a pragmatic view

Regulations regarding cybersecurity are being strongly tightened with new legislations like the NIS2 directive. The Cyberfundamentals Framework will become the new standard on a European level. Is your organization compliant yet? And if yes, where are the gaps to be compliant with other regulations as well? Discover the overlaps and gaps in a pragmatic overview.

How to secure the cloud on a rainy day

At spotit we are always keeping a close eye on the weather - and new technologies. Our experts thoroughly follow-up on new solutions by testing, implementing and analyzing opportunities. During this session, you will learn more about our process and 2 innovating technologies for better cloud security, tackling the current well-known challenges.

5 ways to screw up your network operations

Have you always wondered how easy it is to screw up your network operations? Join our mesmerizing session to take note on which mistakes will ruin everything you worked hard for. Learn which principles and techniques you need to implement to avoid such laughable screw-ups and guarantee business continuity.

Take a front row seat at the spotit NOC

Follow our network engineers on a mission detecting a malicious event and battling the intruder. Watch the magic happen with your own eyes as the team springs into action to eliminate the threat and secure the client's network. 

More sessions will be added soon. Stay tuned!