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The NIS2 directive is a European Union regulation designed to enhance cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and digital service providers. It mandates specific cybersecurity measures, risk management, and incident reporting for organizations in sectors like energy and healthcare. Compliance is crucial for safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring operational continuity, and contributing to the overall resilience of the digital ecosystem in the face of escalating cyber threats.

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What can spotit do for you?

NIS2 assessment

Through spotit's NIS2 readiness assessment, you understand the gaps that exist between your current security program and the NIS2 requirements. As a key deliverable, our customized NIS2 roadmap provides you with a guide towards efficient compliance.



Spotit is your end-to-end partner for NIS2 compliance. We combine the necessary GRC expertise with deep technical understanding to implement both the security program elements and the technical controls to ensure NIS2 compliance.


Table top exercise

During a table top exercise we simulate a realistic cyber security scenario and assess your organization's capability to react. This ensures that personnel involved in incident response activities is trained and the necessary confidence is built that'll allow your organization to satisfy NIS2's stricter reporting requirements.


Managed SOC

Controls require continuous monitoring, alerting, and response. Through spotit's 24/7 managed SOC you gain a continuous 360 degree visibility into risky activity across your infrastructure and can ensure that your defensive technology is maintained in an optimal state to thwart cyber attacks.


Pentest/red teaming

Our offensive security experts can emulate a real-world attack against your systems via a penetration test or red teaming exercise to validate the implemented controls towards their resilience and efficiency. With the findings discovered by spotit, you gain a deep technical insight on your alignment with NIS2 requirements.



Spotit's CISO team holds a breadth of experience implementing high-performing security programs. They provide the necessary leadership and vision to ensure that NIS2 compliance is achieved and maintained. Our CISO team is backed by spotit's technical resources where necessary to ensure an end-to-end service.


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